Best of 2017

I’ve been slack with updating my site with all my latest sets so I decided to put together a best of for the year of 2017. It was a massive year for me both personally and photography wise. I’ve developed my work and style so much this year and finally at a point where I love how it’s coming out.  I’ve shot so much this year as you’ll be able to see, I’ve selected a few shots from each shoot that stand out to me.

I was lucky enough to become an official Olympus Visionary recently and have been using the Olympus gear for majority of the year. 95% of all these shots were taken on either the OMD Em5 Mii or the OMD Em1 Mii.  Both cameras are amazing and have really changed the way I shoot. I decided to make the change from full frame (Nikon D810) to mirrorless for a number of reasons which I’ll go into more detial in another post but in short the image quality and ease of shooting are what I love most about the Olympus systems.

I’ve met and worked with a number of brilliant creatives this year that have really helped me to get where I am, I want to say a massive thanks to them for their time, their experience, the laughs and their love for creating something as much as I do.

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